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The Typhoon Multisport drysuit.
In this review we have given our first impressions of this suit and how it preformed first time out please bear in mind that the user is wearing a full dry suit for the first time in this case richj is our tester we will add to this review periodically as richj gets used to using it .

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The first thing that you will notice with this suit is the shape its nicely cut with elasticised Velcro fasteners on each hip so you can adjust the waistline to suit you it also has a front convenience zip .

The wear areas around the bum and knees have an extra layer of protective material.
This is a rear entry suit so the main zip is along the rear shoulders as this means that the stiffness of the zip is not going to hinder your movement.

It has latex seals on the neck and the wrists these sometimes require stretching with hot and cold water or trimming to get that perfect fit for the individual

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The built in socks are heavy duty latex as well which will keep all the water out.
It is Important to remember to wear some sort of protective footwear over these socks to protect against any sharp objects such as small stones from puncturing the latex .

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Note the strong watertight entry zip on the rear shoulders.
The colour of this suit is dark blue and grey both colours compliment each other very nicely

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After the first paddle for a couple of hours I asked rich his opinions on a few aspects of the suit his answers are below.

How does the suit feel ?.It feels very comfortable

Did you have to adjust anything on the suit before using ?.No it’s just as it comes.

How did you find the neck and wrist seals ?.I had no problem at all with them they were very comfortable all day.

Was you dry when you removed your suit ?.yes no water came in at all.

Would you change anything with the design of the suit? .no I like it as it is.

This has shown to be a very good suit the retail cost is £299.aprox.
Thank you to richj for agreeing to our review on this suit .
This review will be added to in time .

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