North Wales Kayak Fishing

This is my first impression review of the new 2009 feel free Moken12 angler kayak

Firstly the technical specifications                   

Length: 12ft 4 inches

Width:  29inches

Weight: 59.52 lbs

Capacity: 396.83 lbs

The first thing you notice with the new Moken is the overall quality of the mouldings and fittings they are superb right down to the finest detail.

the new Moken has a hole host of new features from built in rod leashes to built in tackle box there are several versions of the new Moken we have the uk angler version


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from the rear of the kayak there is a clever new bungee system which un-clips in the middle allowing for easy fitting of crates and dry bags without having to over stretch the cords these can easily be clipped and un-clipped .

The tank well also has some clever moulding to allow positive fitting of the crate.

The low slung back moulding behind the seat means its lot easier reaching behind you once out on the water.


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The kayak has 5 handles one at each end and 2 centre handles these are all at balanced positions making it easier to carry and load the kayak .

The moken has a new designed seat which I found very comfortable the seat also has holders on the back for water bottles ect and a big 8 inch rubber centre hatch which comes complete with a large net bag inside


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The centre console also has a built in tackle box with a locking catch this is very useful its deep enough for a bulk spool of line the catch system is again very interesting design its made from rubber with a hard edge so when closing it you get a positive lock keeping your gear safe .

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There are 4 flush mount rod holders on the moken and every one has a built in paddle leash.

The shaping of the front and rear handle makes it a very easy kayak to carry


Under the hull of the kayak is a large built in loading wheel this is for transporting the kayak on concrete I found this very useful while loading the kayak to the car.

The front well has a cargo net. An additional hatch kit is also available which attaches via pre inserted captured nuts currently the hard hatch kit retails at £50.00.


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When we test paddled the new moken we were very impressed .it paddled very quickly and very responsive this is a very stable kayak and will make a very good fishing platform.

we found all the fittings to be within easy reach the cockpit seamed roomy the foot braces were easy to adjust even while out on the water the seat was very comfortable and practical this kayak even has the groves already in place for fitting fish finders ect so would be very easy and quick to fit out. We found the new moken to be superb it’s sure to be a big winner this year and a firm favourite amongst us anglers  

The retail of this fully fitted kayak is £549 .this represents fantastic value for money


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