North Wales Kayak Fishing

One of the most important piece of equipment we have on the kayaks is the seat it is probably the most taken for granted piece of kit as well a good seat will not only give you comfort but good back support as well for both paddling and sitting fishing which when you consider you may be fishing for 4/6 hours at a time the seating position is very important get it wrong or  a poor seat and you will pay the price next day with back ache .a good seat needs a strong high back with good strong straps and a good cushion for your bum. its no good your seat collapsing when you sit in it like many of the standard ones supplied with your kayaks do .this will make you slump in your sitting and paddling position and offer no support to your back at all.

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I have used many types of seat in the past but I now think I have found the answer to the question of which is the best seat I have been using the apex 1 for about 3 months now and found it to be very rigid and comfortable the design relies on a full plastic forma to keep the shape and some very good padding for the comfort this coupled with the high back and the ability to attach various extra packs to the back of the seat make it a very good piece of kit it can be now bought in the uk and is available from kayaks and paddles

For £69.99 which is a real good buy .