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Sealskinz ultra grip Gloves.

Sealskinz have been good enough to send me a pair of gloves for our review section. My first thoughts were how can a pair of woolly gloves be water proof, and wind proof? Read on!

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Well the gloves are made in 3 layers, each with a special property, Here is the gloves technical spec;
The inside layer is a close fitting Marino wool inner, that’s soft, warm, comfortable and actively wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin. The middle layer is completely water proof, highly breathable, and has a windproof membrane. The outer layer is tough and durable to withstand all weather conditions. Also the gloves as you can see have a grip dot layer which covers the palm and the inside of the thumb and fingers. This will enable the paddler to keep a good grip of the paddle, and also to be able to grip the kayak in the event of a re entry.

So to start the evaluation

I have been wearing the gloves this morning for 3 hours in -4 degrees, my feet were freezing cold, but my hands are nice and warm. The thermal properties of these gloves worked well. I had to write reports whilst out and the grip dots gave great dexterity when gripping the pen even in sub zero temperatures.


I have done a dip test and put my hands in a bucket of water. Although the outer skin of the glove gets wet, and it does retain a bit of water, the inside of the gloves stayed bone dry. They do what it says on the tin 100% waterproof. I feel that I have to point out that the gloves are not made to stop water from entering from above the wrist area.


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In my opinion, I would have no hesitation about wearing the Sealskinz gloves whilst out for a paddle; they are waterproof and very warm to wear. In fact for general wear I don’t think that you could get better glove. And for £25 rrp they are great value.

If the Sealskinz sock’s and hats are as good as the gloves, you won’t go far wrong.

This is the sealskinz web site