North Wales Kayak Fishing

Safety kit

In this section we hope to show you all the options on safety kit

    That you will need to kayak fish safely Pfd’s. Flares. first aid kits ect

always take safety seriously
safety first kayak fishing second

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Palm symbient pfd

Astral Tempo 200 pfd

Delta pro v70 pfd

The astral Green Jacket

Laser Flares

Kaikoura Tour PFD

The pfd is the most important piece of kit you will buy for your safety

It should be worn at all times And correctly fastened  even for the shortest paddle trips when at sea It may save your life.


Delta explorer pfd

marinepool pfd

Fladen pfd

KN14 Titanium safety knife

Palm ocean pro tow line

T-Rex Titanium safety knife

A good pfd knife is vital it need not to be a big knife a short one is better .it needs to be a permanent blade knife not a folding one so that if you get in a tangle underwater or you need to cut your anchor rope quickly then you can quickly deploy your knife and cut yourself free its no good having to root in a pocket for it and then pull open a blade that would take to long it needs to be at hand attached to you preferably your pfd and of course be sharp

Guardian Nav Light / Safety Button

pfd knife

simple safety ideas

the C-Light

minimum clothing required

Nookie throw line

galaxy sport pfd

jazz products kayak compass

The Drift light

A good quality safety light will aid in a rescue situation it can also be used as a signalling device strobe type lights give greater visibility especially at night

                        Be seen be safe

Parmaris life jackets

The minimum you should  take out with you


 on even the shortest of trips is.

 make sure you know how to use them before you go out.
Try to go out with a buddy and tell some one where you are
going and what time you will be back .
always Plan ahead and dont take chances .
safety first kayak fishing second