North Wales Kayak Fishing


In this section we have detailed some of the projects people have done to their kayaks and kit they have fitted  to either improve or enhance their days fishing and paddling experience you don’t have to be an expert to use the simple guides so whether you need to fit a hatch or repair a broken paddle the guides are here to help you along .


 The intention of these project guides is to try to help by showing you how other people have completed these particular protects .


Just click on the pictures and you will be directed to the relevant page with all the information and photo’s on that particular subject and how it was done.



Making a crate

Fitting a hatch in pictures

Fitting an anchor cleat

Mobile Kayak Stand


Fitting Hatch to Mini X


making the fatyak kaafu fishy pt1

making the fatyak kaafu fishy pt2

Fitting a garmin 160c fish finder

kitting the mantaray 2010 12ft

Fitting an in hull transducer

Fitting a Watertrail Anchor trolley kit

The Moken get's a fishfinder

Watertrail Deck Mounted Paddle Holder

Fitting a native watercraft rudder

Tarpon 100 made fishy

Fixing a hole

h20 anchor trolly on the mazzif

Fitting a Scotty flush mount

fitting a mazzif hatch

Big Game modification

Modifying the Bison Galaxy

making the mahee fishy

New projects are being added all the time to this section so keep checking back

Battery life experement

Galaxy Kayaks cruz Adding an engine