North Wales Kayak Fishing

Palm Titanium socks
This is my first impression review of these fantastic titanium socks
Firstly the official specifications

• Ankle length sock
• 1.5mm titanium neoprene
• Terry lined for warmth
• Mesh neoprene ankle seal
• Flat lock stitched throughout- low wear
• Hanging tabs

Fabrics: 2mm titanium neoprene with Terry lining, mesh neoprene

This is one of those items I don’t think I could be with out now they are a must
The socks are made of the highest quality materials and the workmanship is fantastic every seam is flat locked.

Image description

The shape looks a bit strange at first until you put them on and realise how well thought out they are the seams are all in areas where they will not rub your feet at all this alone makes them very comfortable but the clever way in which the lining of the socks is designed means no more cold feet.

Image description

The clever shape fits perfect to your feet without over stretching the material so they don’t ride up or down either .

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I particularly liked how easy they are to get on and off your feet even after a full days kayak fishing

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The clever mesh neoprene ankle seal makes a very comfortable fit so does not scratch or ride on your ankle and the hanging tab not only makes it easy to pull them on and off it is also handy for hanging them afterwards after they are washed.

These kayak socks are a must for us kayak fishermen they not only keep your feet warm but more importantly they are comfortable to wear with either wetsuit or dry suit .I could not be with out mine now I have used them a few times this is one of them items we should all have .
the recomended retail of these socks is £14.00 from paddleworks and is fantastic value for that.