North Wales Kayak Fishing

The first thing you notice with the Palm Sidewinder Combi Bib is the quality

Of the material and workmanship of the product.

 This is a superb piece of kit that is made from xp150. 3 layer breathable fabric .

All the seams and zips are glued and taped so no water gets in because they are breathable material you don’t get soaked in sweat either while wearing them .


The built in waterproof socks keep your feet dry when launching the kayak and retrieving so the cold feet problem is also solved I wear a pair of normal sports socks underneath the built in socks and a pair of sandals on the outside to protect against any sharp objects when launching on the shingle


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The material is very supple so does not hinder movement at all while out fishing and paddling and getting out of them is very easy .

The waist band has Velcro adjusters each side so when they are on you can tighten them up for the perfect fit and maximum comfort.


I have headed many people say that they don’t like anything on their neck like the seals on a drysuit  the advantage of the bib and braces is it has no neck so  you don’t get this problem  yet you get most of the benefits of the dry suit .

After a long days fishing I usually just stand in the sea up to my knees and with  a small sponge rub off any fish dirt then once home a quick shower with the hosepipe and a shake dry and away they go ready for next time .

When I bought these they were £179.00 and at the time I thought it was a lot to spend out on a bib and brace but now I have used them for 5/6 months it was money very well spent in fact for the quality of the garment it was cheep .