North Wales Kayak Fishing

Paddle Clothing

In this section we will review many types of clothing and accessories to that clothing. while we are out paddling it is important that we dress correctly always dress for the worst theirs nothing more likely to ruin a good days fishing than the wrong or uncomfortable clothing so we hope to give you as many different choices as possible

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Crewsaver Hyperdry drysuit

Typhoon XpS Pro F/E drysuit

Typhoon Multisport drysuit

Typhoon Max-B Dry Suit

Palm Sidewinder Combi

Newfoundland Paddle Top

A dry suit keeps your body dry. dry Suits with rubber feet also keep your feet dry.

A wetsuit traps a thin layer of water between your body and the neoprene suit your body’s temperature then warms this trapped layer of water keeping you warm but wet

Dry suits dramatically increase survival rates in emergency situations.


Merrell Waterpro Maipo

The Cambrian Convertible

Merrell Waterpro Ultra-Sport

Crewsaver Ultra boots

Typhoon Rock Boot

Palm Bedrock Boots

Palm Titanium socks

The 5:10 Canyoneer II boots

Sealskinz ultra grip Gloves


Keen Hood River Boot

Gul 2mm delta gloves

Wearing the right cloths while kayak fishing will not only enhance your days fishing but if you are in a rescue situation it can increase your survival rate dramatically

Keep your trunk,hands, head and feet warm with the right equipment