North Wales Kayak Fishing

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After collecting 2 new prowler big games .

My self and choy took them to north shore for a few tests and a paddle where we meet up with hatter3 conditions were not ideal to be testing out a new boat in a big swell. .

As you can see from the first photo the boats look stunning with sleek lines and some really great new moldings they are a big boat and will make great fishing platforms

Notice the flat area all around the outside rim on the boats which is wide enough to for rod holders to be fitted  .


On the bottom of the kayak is just as interesting long moulded lines give the boat the ability to track and turn very quickly and them shoulders make the kayak extremely stable in the water


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the cockpit area features foot rests and a great storage tray in the centre the centre storage tray lifts out and gives a really handy storage area inside as well I put my car keys in and they kept dry all day .just forward of the foot rests is a great flat dashboard area which will have fish finder ,compass and clock  fitted .


The first thing that struck me was the fact that the boat only needed 3 or 4 inches of water to float so it mean I could get in without my ankles getting wet


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The boat paddles very easy and turns so quickly it is extremely stable .on the day the swell would have been a real problem in most boats but the big game handled it easily

So much so that hatter3 stood up in my boat .this boat has to get big marks its new design makes it very angler friendly the boats will be a great favourite amongst us anglers