North Wales Kayak Fishing

The marine pool pfd
This is my first impressions review of this pfd.
The first thing that strikes you with this pfd is that there are loads of pockets.
It is very comfortable to wear and is made from good quality material and fittings.
I particularly liked the small material collar this will mean the pfd will not chafe your neck on those hot summer days.

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The fastening is simple it has a secure buckle in the middle and a lace tie on both the bottom and the collar so there is plenty of adjustments to make this pfd fit securely and comfortably

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It has 4 large zipped pockets the bottom 2 pockets have 2 smaller pockets which are Velcro pockets attached to the main pockets these are very handy for quick access of small items like a spool of line or a few packs of hooks ect.
The 2 smaller breast pockets are very well placed and are Velcro pockets.
It would be no problem to carry all your tackle in the many pockets.

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The back has a 2 main flotation sections one each side which are divided by a stitched spine this means when its worn the pfd moulds to your shape making for a comfortable day with it on .The pfd has a 50 Newton rating.

All in all I think this is a very wekll designed pfd which I feel will be very comfortable to wear it is lightweight and strongly made I was surprised to find that the price is just £26.95

The pfd is the most important piece of kit you will buy for your safety

It should be worn at all times And correctly fastened  even for the shortest paddle trips when at sea It may save your life