North Wales Kayak Fishing

H20 paddle keeper kits
in an effort to make things easyer for the kayak angler h20 have two new paddle keeper kits

H2o Deck Universal Mounted Paddle Clip

the first is the cam shell or taco style paddle keeper

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the kit comes with everything needed to fit the paddle keeper all in the same bag the kit contains 2 well nuts and bolts this is a very strong watertight fitting for securing the cam shell

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the retail of the H2o Deck Universal Mounted Paddle Clip is £5.95
this is a superb addition to any kayak that holds the paddle very securely when not needed

H2o Universal Twin Fold Down Paddle Clip
the second of the new kits is a folding paddle keeper

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once again the kit contains everything needed to fit the keeper
well nuts bolts ect

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this is a very clever design which snap Locke either open or shut depending on what you want

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the kit contains 4 well nuts these are a very secure way of attaching the keeper the great advantage of the well nut is you don't have to be able to reach the rear of the bolt the nut is secured inside the rubber housing so this makes fitting this kit to places where you can not get access to the inside of the kayak easy

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the whole kit retails at £5.95 this is a superb piece of kit for tucking away the paddle specially when at anchor and then just folding down the keeper when not needed