North Wales Kayak Fishing

The Galaxy Ultimate kayak backrest

This is a superb piece of kit when you get it out of the bag the quality is evident right away superb cushioning and looks superb only top quality materials are used in the making of this seat 


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Fitted to the kayak the seating area has high impact foam filling which gives a superior comfort even on the longest days in the kayak it has a contoured finish which helps it to grip the kayak and angler making it less prone to slipping when being used

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The backrest of the seat again has a very high degree of comfort and most important superb solid support for your back when out on the water

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On the rear of the seat there is a large zipped bag this can be attached or removed via simple plastic buckles but it’s a really handy bag for things like your first aid kit ect

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The seat attaches to the kayak via 4 strong brass spring clips and all straps are adjustable so you can get just the right fit


It is important to get a really good quality seat for your kayak this makes all the difference on a days fishing the right seat will give you support and comfort.

 This seat is superb offering both support and comfort the brass snap buckles should last for years and resist salt water corrosion all in all this is a superb seat

The seat retails at £32.00 from Galaxy kayaks