North Wales Kayak Fishing

These are my First impressions of the feelfreeMoken10,
It looked very wide and heavy.
35"wide and 29Kg !!!

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build quality is every bit as good as the 12.
I was pleased to find out how much lighter the 10 seemed to be compared to the 12.  Held both side handles and lifted the kayak over my head with ease. This would be easy to put on the roof bars as the balance is spot on.
Turning the kayak upside down the depth of the 2 V channels in the hull is the first thing to catch your eye

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These help the tracking no end.

Back the right way up and you can see some of the changes over the 12. The front storage area is smaller, still has a net cover. The removal and fitting of the net has been made easier with pull tabs on the net rope. The front rod holders are set at an angle away from the kayak so any loose weight/hooks are hanging over the side not over the kayak
The 2 small net pockets on the inside of the cockpit have been made bigger. Now plenty big enough for safe storage of your camera/gps ect.
The hatch is the same size as the 12 and still has the very handy net bag.


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The covered console area is slightly shorter but wider and the top fits slightly different to reduce water ingress.
The adjustable foot rests have been replaced by moulded foot rests. These are very comfy to use and seem to give you more room in the cockpit.

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The fitted seat has been removed giving you the option of fitting a removable seat to suit your needs. ie pockets, rod holders, padding , high or low back.

Out on the water the kayak performed very nicely. The tracking was good for a 10 ft.. and it could be turned round using only 2 strokes.
The biggest suprise was how stable the kayak was.


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You could sit with your feet over the side with no feeling of being tipped out.

even in a stiff breeze i could easily stand up in the kayak being blown into the middle of the canal. Amazing stability

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There is definatly a place for the Moken 10 as a fishing kayak. Superb for the still waters and well suited for the not too distant sea fishing marks.
You can demo a Moken 10 at