North Wales Kayak Fishing


In this section we have tried to show and review some of the Best electronic kit we use on the kayaks as well as some of the projects like fitting fish finders.

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To operate a vhf marine radio legally you require a certificate of competence usually this is a 1 day course and an OFCOM portable ship licence

Standard Horizon GX1700E GPS vhf radio


Standard Horizon HX300 vhf radio

Cobra mr-f80 vhf radio

Pentax W30 waterproof camera

Icom ic-m71 vhf radio

Cobra 415 vhf radio

Midland Atlantic Marine VHF Radio

GALAXY KAYAKS POER34lb electric trolling motor

Midland Ocean Marine VHF Radio

Battery life experement

Holux gps

The VHF marine radio is a reliable source of communication with the shore

It may be that you need assistance or you could just be communicating with other members of your party or listening for the latest weather bulletins.

With a reliable vhf radio you can summon help quickly by calling the coast guard.

The vhf radio is not an add on luxury to your kayak fishing it is an essential piece of equipment it is your link to help