North Wales Kayak Fishing

Last year I wanted a baitcasting reel that I could use in freshwater for pike and perch and maybe the odd dip in the salty stuff for bass & pollack, I looked at several but once I saw this one there was no going back, not least because its blue ;D, sad I know, but also because it has a unique feature built in

Image description
Image description

Its the Daiwa TD Viento Baitcaster and it has a unique feature called a twitching bar, the bar is pressed down with your thumb this in turn retrieves line and turns the handle One handed operation - brilliant!! Just playing with the twitching bar you can get the handle to rotate at least one full turn, but in reality with a lure attached it will recover 4 - 6" of line, enough to give your lure an interesting action.

On the technical side the reel is constructed with aluminium frame & side plates, has an 8 disc fibre composite micro click drag, perforated aluminium spool for quick spool start up, infinite anti reverse to enable more positive hook ups, 6 stainless steel bearings & 2 being roller bearings, bronze drive gear & Magforce cast control

In use and bearing in mind this is my first baicaster (cast with lots of multipliers though), its very smooth in operation, casts long (no birdsnest to date ), drag is easy to adjust, the twitching bar adds a whole new dimension, something else to enjoy and experiment with. To date its only been used in freshwater and has only landed a few small jacks & chub but its going to get a few outings with jellyworms for pollack & Bass but I'm not sure how it will handle the salt even with a good washdown & oil - only time will tell.

The reel was probably designed for the American Bass fishing market and the twitching bar made for twitching back jigs & plastics, it will work with jellyworms and small plugs etc but I don't think the twitching bar would have the power to impart sufficent life in a chug bug or similar.

Would I buy another - Yes
Would I change anything - I'd love to see a version in Daiwa's corrosion resistant finish and corrossion resistant bearings to assist with use in the sea.

The reels RRP is £150, its a quality bit of kit,