North Wales Kayak Fishing

Crewsaver Hyperdry drysuit
In this review we have given our first impressions of this suit and how it preformed in this case zebra is our tester we will add to this review periodically as zebra uses it and gets more used to it .

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The first thing that you will notice with this suit is the quality of the material used they are top quality  it has a rear entry zip and also has a collar this is to help against any wind chill .

All the seams are glued stitched and taped for comfort and practability and they should last many seasons.

There is a small pocket on the arm which came in handy.

The wear area around the bum has an extra layer of protective material so should last a long time.
This is a rear zip entry suit so the zip is across the shoulders this does not hinder your movements at all when it’s being worn while fishing.
It is a striking grey and black in colour both colours complement each other very nicely

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The neck and wrist seals are all made from high quality latex these sometimes require stretching with hot and cold water or trimming to get that perfect fit for the individual

It is important that this job is not rushed and  done properly.  

the latex seals have protective over cuffs on both wrists and ankles to protect them


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The built in socks are heavy duty latex as well which will keep all the water out.
It is Important to remember to wear some sort of protective footwear over these socks to protect against any sharp objects such as small stones from puncturing the latex .


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After a paddle for a couple of hours I asked myself the same questions as I had asked everybody else testing drysuits on that day my answers are below.

How does the suit feel ?.It feels very comfortable and the material feels quite soft

Did you have to adjust anything on the suit before using ?. yes I cut 3mm from the cuffs and about 5mm from the neck seals to make a perfect fit

How did you find the neck and wrist seals ?.They were fine I will cut another 2 mm from the neck though I found with my thick neck they may just need that bit more off

Was you dry when you removed your suit ?.Yes totally dry all over no sign of any water ingress at all and no condensation thanks to the breathable material

Would you change anything with the design of the suit? .no I think it’s a great suit and very comfortable to wear .

This has shown to be a very good suit the retail cost is £330.aprox.

This review will be added to in time .

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