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Astral Tempo 200 Buoyancy aid / pfd

The pfd is the most important piece of kit you will buy for your safety
It should be worn at all times when at sea it may save your life.

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The tempo 200 pfd is made from top quality material as soon as you see it the quality jumps out at you.
It’s so comfortable to wear even on the longest days out you wont realize you were wearing a pfd is a zip up pfd which makes getting it on all the easier.

It has several pockets for all those bits and bobs and even has some flees lined front hand warming pockets.
Its made of a soft material so does not suffer from the stiffness some of the cheaper pfds suffer from with the fabric which can chafe you neck and arms

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It has large cut away arm holes which make for an easy and comfortable paddle the material is breathable so you don’t get the wet patches we sometimes get on your back and chest from sweat.
The buoyancy foam is shaped so it hugs you body and gives extra support.
it also has an inside locking belt so you can open the zip to allow some extra air flow while sitting fishing and the inner belt means your still protected if you did fall in to the water .
The buckles and straps are of the highest quality and are easy to fasten even with the coldest of hands.
The clever use of colours and reflective piping and tape on the shoulder straps can be seen from a long way out so in a rescue situation you would be easily spotted wearing it.

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When in the water wearing it you are held quite high up and because the buoyancy is shaped not too much bulk is in front of you which aids re-entry to your kayak and gives a lot of confidence to the wearer.

When wet no noticeable weight difference is felt by the wearer it won’t waterlog.
All in all this is an extremely well designed pfd of the highest quality which gives maximum comfort and support to the kayaker thanks to the new bread of shaped pfd’s it is very well made and should last for many years .

The pfd is the most important piece of kit you will buy for your safety

It should be worn at all times And correctly fastened  even for the shortest paddle trips when at sea It may save your life.

                       Never go to sea without your pfd on and properly fastened

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