North Wales Kayak Fishing

Here are a few simple safety ideas that we can all do before we get in the kayak

They cost hardly anything and can be very effective and aid in out safe return from a days fishing



safety is a big part of out sport lets all promote it as much as we can and not take it for granted .

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Here again is a way of giving the coastguard as much help as possible should we need him. If the coastguard finds someone in the water or on a beach maybe unconscious or in worst case drowned he then has to try to identify who it is here is my simple way of making that task a bit easier for him I used clear plastic key rings you can buy them on ebay they don’t cost much for a small pack of 10 all I do is print out a small piece of paper with my name address phone number and boat type and colour cut it out then put it in the key ring I then put a small blob of silicone on the back of the paper then insert the plastic back to the key ring give it a good squeeze and a bit of the silicone should ooze out of the joint just clean it off with a piece of damp cloth this makes it waterproof when it is dry I attach these to my boat just through the rigging cord and to my pfd it’s a simple way to let people know who you are if you are not able to tell them



A simple float plan

it is important that if the coastguard has to come look for us that we all do as much as possible to help his search the first thing we should all do is leave a float plan with somebody i.e. wife/girlfriend make sure she knows where it is pin it up on the wall so it wont get mislaid .
On this float plan should be as much info as you can give.
if an emergency happened and your wife had to call the coastguard he needs as much info as possible to aid the search its amazing how many wife’s/girlfriends don’t know what the car registration number is or if you carry flares or not below I have made a simple sample of a float plan we should all be using them if you don’t want to make one up your-self just copy and paste mine then print it don’t forget to fill it out before you put it up and most of all show it to the wife /girlfriend